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The New Richland Historic Preservation Commission was developed in April of 2002.  The board of commissioners consists of five (5) members, shall be nominated by the New Richland City Council; one shall be nomianted by the New Richland Area Historical Society.  All members are appointed by the City Council.  If interested please e-mail or call the city hall at (507)465-3514.

The most recent project the Historic Preservation Commission has been involved in is nominating the Oddfellows Building on the National Register of Historic Places.  An application for a grant has been submitted to renevate the building.

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to:

  • engage in a comprehensive program of historical resources of the City of New Richland.
  • to disignate heritage preservation sites.
  • act  in a resource and advisory capacity to the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Board on matters relating to heritage preservation
  • act in a resource and advisory capacity to owners of historically significant sites regarding their preservation, restoration and rehabilitation.
  • promote the continueing education of the residents of New Richland with respect to the civic and architechtural heritage of the City of New Richland.
  • maintain a public resgister of designated and proposed heritage preservation sites.
  • such other duties and responsiblities as determined by the City Council.


Historic Preservation Committee Members
Bernie Anderson
Charles Espe
Barb Wildgrube
** Vacancy **
** Vacancy **
Oddfellows Building
Oddfellows Building