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The City of New Richland contracts with City Building Inpection Services for is building inspection needs.  Please visit their website for additional information pertaining to your project.

Building Permit Application is required to be submitted PRIOR to beginning work.  *Work started without a permit is subject to double permit fees.**

Fees for new construction, alterations, decks and utility sheds (larger than 12 x 10 in size) are based on the value of the job.

In addition to new construction and alterations, building permits are required for the following types of work and are subject to a flat fee:

Type of Work                                                                        Fee       

        State    Surcharge

Air Conditioning $65.00 $1.00
Deck (150 sq ft or less)    By Valuation $1.00
Deck (151 sq ft or more) By Valuation $1.00
Demolition  Residential $65.00 $1.00
Demolition Commercial $250.00 $1.00
Fencing (over 6' high) $65.00 $1.00
Fireplace $65.00 $1.00
Water Heater $65.00 $1.00
Water Softener $65.00 $1.00
Furnace $65.00 $1.00
Lawn Sprinkler $65.00 $1.00
Lower Level Interior Finish By Valuation $1.00
Re-Roof (Residential) $65.00 $1.00
Re-Roof (Commercial)

            By Valuation

Residing (Residential) $65.00 $1.00
Retaining Walls over 4' (Residential) $65.00 $1.00
Retaining Walls over 4' (Commercial)        By Valuation
Mechanical $80.00 $.50
Mobile Home $350.00 $1.00
Prefabricated SFD " Base Permit Only" $400.00 $1.00
Prefabricated Foundation        By Valuation
Site Inspection (drive time included)                     $65/hr  
Re-inspection Fee $50.00  
Investigation Fee (Penalty) Up to double permit fee
Plumbing (Residential) first 5 fixtures $80.00 $1.00
Plumbing (Residential) per fixture after 5 $12.00 $1.00
Windows (1-3) $65.00 $1.00
Windows (4-7) $80.00 $1.00
Windows (8 and up)         By Valuation
Plan Review 65% of City Fee Schedule
Refunds 75% of permit fee only
Reactivate Expired Permit 50% of permit fee

The following are subject to a Zoning Permit and a fee of $25.00

  • Utility Sheds (up to 12x10)
  • Fences (6' high and below)

Important:  Before acquiring a permit, know where your property markers are.  The curb does not indicate your property line.  Also, know if your contractor is licensed and have the license number available for the permit.  Set back requirements, etc... may be reviewed in the Zoning Ordinance kept at the City Hall.

For Inspection or Permit questions please contact the City Building Inspector at 1-877-333-5620.